100% Human hair

Our Luxury Hair are obtain in the rawest form. Raw virgin Ramey hair is directly cut such that all cuticles aligned in the same direction, use advance techniques, along with high quality hair use, is designed to prevent shedding and tangling.

All wefts are sealed using high level technique that makes the weft super thin, which ensures your weaves lays flat and install is super fast as there are no excessive shedding and tangling (Your stylist will thank you)

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Calm And Focus Fragrance 

We have a collection of luxury scents that embraces the inner you, Zuri Aromas are designed to trigger emotions of warmth, wellness and relaxation.

Our Scents are formulated with pleasant aromas of sweet smelling fragrances that holds delightful delicate auras that pops you into a higher consciousness of wellbeing, creativity and positive emotions

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